Authored by:

  • Dr Evi Sachini
  • Dr Nena Malliou
  • Dr Charalampos Chrysomallidis 
  • Dr Michael Papazoglou 
  • Konstantinos Sioumalas-Christodoulou

Data processing was enabled by software solutions which EKT developed to meet the requirements of this study. The software makes uses of a set of tools that allowed the calculation of bibliometric indicators as well as the presentation of data in a user friendly format.

  • Ioannis Xydias - developer of the study's electronic edition
  • Galatios Siganos - data cleaning and control techniques



Suggested citation:

Sachini E., Malliou N., Chrysomallidis Ch., Papazoglou M., Sioumalas-Christodoulou K. (2022), Greek Scientific Publications 2006-2020: A Bibliometric Analysis of Greek Publications in International Scientific Journals, National Documentation Centre.